During this MLK weekend, there are several young adults who are attending Journey #14.  Let's be in prayer as the weekend continues for Chelsea Blakely, Kelly Krueger, Olivia Looper, Tayza Matthews, Jessica Obenberger, Addy Stover, Amanda Wooden, Lucas Dailey, Kristopher Edens, Jacob Hawkins, Cody Langford, and Dexter Maddux.    

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN -- fill out a volunteer sheet if you would like to be part of another flight! You can help in agape, kitchen or several other areas. Just turn in a form so we know you are interested!! You can also  be a sponsor….and share the Love you experienced. Sponsor a friend and see how much fun you can have with that!!

You can also sign up to pray!!  You can sign in at the Emmaus Home page under 72-hour prayer vigil. Just select the flight you need, pick a spot and fill in the information needed!!

“Chrysalis” is the name chosen for the youth and young adult version of The Walk to Emmaus because it symbolizes the spiritual growth that is essential between adolescence and adulthood. Chrysalis Journey is a 3-day spiritual renewal time for young adults between the ages 19-26. It provides an opportunity for you to learn more about faith, to experience Christian love and support, and to make new faith commitments.

You will feel love like you have never felt it before and have a terrific time learning about walking as a Christian. Come join us!!

Would you like to serve on a team??

We Need Your Help on Chrysalis & Journey Teams!

We need Community Participation in our Chrysalis and Journey Teams. We are having a bit of trouble finding those people who are interested in serving on a team for our youth. Would you be willing to help??

We need to know if you are interested!! Please fill out a volunteer form and email it through the link provided under our "Forms and Applications Tab". We need your help in ministering to the young people of our area. There is a place for you!! Please let us know if you can give some time for this very worthy cause. Please be in prayer for future Chrysalis and Journey Teams. thank you 

Table and Bed Agape Needed for Journey and Chrysalis
Can your reunion group or class make Agape? Remember what an awesome feeling you got when you found agape on your table and bed. If you would like to bless a group for one of the next flights, please contact Chrystal Phillips at 931-265-4964 or email her at Chrystal Phillips .